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schedule for AZ
« on: May 08, 2009,16,52:45 »
OK here we go! Wil with Sierra Expeditions will be prerunning the route and checking out the campsite this weekend so we will have maps and info on where we are soon...
As for food preparations and such, if you want to camp and have a tent bring it. If you need any medical care while out there please let someone know or have someone with you. if you want to camp and don't have a tent or bedding let us know, we will try and find something.
we will have people around taking pictures but bring your cameras and we will all share our photos to remember our adventure!
ok the really important stuff! FOOD and DRINK. bring water! we have recieved bike water bottles from our local REI outfitters store and we will have cases of bottled water there too but bring some too, remember it is a desert!
Lunch on Sat. will be lunch meats and flat bread (easy to pack) with condiments. Dinner is being hosted by NYPD Pizza! there will be Baked Ziti brought out to the site by our new bestest friend (whoever brings the food)!! Breakfast in the morning will be breakfast bars and pop tarts. lunch will be the remainder of the lunch meats and flat bread. there is where we part ways... with many new friends and resources

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Re: schedule for AZ
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Looking forward to this Corbin.  X100 on the bring water it's HOT here! hahaha ;D  Luckily it does cool down a bit at night, so camping isn't bad at all.
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