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Title: Arizona Event Summary
Post by: Jason WFTW on May 18, 2009,03,48:48
I'm recovering from two very long days.  Everyone had a terrific time thanks to Corbin (Zebra Sports) and Will (Sierra Expeditions), along with other volunteers, putting together a great event on extremely short notice (2 weeks).  One of our honored guests opted to drive his own 4x4 truck and did an amazing job!  We spotted him through some of the more difficult areas and he made it through the entire trail without having to be winched or strapped...quite impressive.

As for my Jeep, it didn't fair too well.  It seems my bumper wasn't built to withstand the stress of a 2500 pound trailer being attached to it (via the hitch we welded through the middle of it).  It tore like a piece of paper.  Corbin helped me out when we got back to his place.  We took the bumper off, found a great hitch at the local U-Haul, which was made specifically for my model of Jeep, put that on, and I'm back in business...albeit without a bumper.  I've contacted Teraflex and they've responded asking for pictures.  I sent those and will await their reply to see if they can do anything to help me out.

As for pictures, I've put them on my computer, but have not resized them yet.  I'll get them up on here ASAP though.  I didn't take a whole lot, but some others took some too and I'll try to get those on here as well.

In the end, there were no injuries, everyone in attendance had a great time, and we all got to know one another and now have a bunch of funny little inside jokes between each other now.  A real success!
Title: Re: Arizona Event Summary
Post by: jeepinjp on May 18, 2009,19,38:45
glad to here all worked out
Title: Re: Arizona Event Summary
Post by: Corbin8or on May 19, 2009,22,34:54
just keep the bunnies away from Jason and he will be just fine!
ha ha ha one of those inside jokes peekin' through!!
Title: Re: Arizona Event Summary
Post by: tibaal89 on May 20, 2009,01,22:17
I had an excellent time, what a weekend!  Great to meet Jason and the other new faces.... some pretty interesting and unexpected adventures for sure.  Broken trailers, broken toilets, my tire exploding, the pizza guy getting lost in the desert!  Classic!  ;D

Group shot!


Some pics of the run...






Not sure what the hell this thing was all about... creepy. 


Jason gets a wheel on my rig...


Not to be outdone, Corbin gives it a go as well...


Man down!  Man down!!!


Big tires, small tires...




Good stuff, glad I could be there!  ;D

Title: Re: Arizona Event Summary
Post by: H8T2W8T on May 22, 2009,23,26:57
I love that area.  I wish I could have gone to this.   :'( 

Let's see the bumper! :oI bent up my hitch pulling a few guys out, I can only imagine the stress of that trailer.
Title: Re: Arizona Event Summary
Post by: Jason WFTW on May 31, 2009,15,18:10
I've FINALLY gotten a good enough internet connection to post up some pictures from this event.  Everyone there had a great time and the scenery was terrific!









And here's the damaged bumper, which was eventually scrapped.


Title: Re: Arizona Event Summary
Post by: RCKSQRL on June 04, 2009,22,36:16
that is a fubared bumper!